Visit Korea programs

Korean teachers at Australian schools

Project : International Conference of Korean Educators Abroad
  • To provide overseas Koreans with education
  • To enhance the expertise of Korean educators abroad
  • To help overseas Korean educators develop a positive understanding of their home country
Host Ministry of Education (MOE), National Institute for International Education (NIIED)
Organiser International Korean Education Foundation(IKEF)
Participants Participants are divided into an 'educators group' and 'education officials group'
  • (Educators group) Korean language teachers of local primary and secondary schools; Korean language teachers of overseas Korean institutes; Professors and lecturers of universities that offer Korean language programs
  • (Educational officials group) Educational administrators and directors of education institutes from countries that currently teach or plan to teach Korean as a second language
Period About 6 days
Expenses Round-trip airfare and all expenses during the participants' stay in Korea are covered
Program The conference program is delivered in two separate groups
  • (Educators group) Lectures by subject field and topic to help enhance the expertise of Korean educators abroad; Introduction of Korean textbooks used at institutes/universities and discussions/forums for teaching material improvement
  • (Education officials groups) Visits to the Ministry of Education, schools and key historical/cultural sites to provide opportunity for a deeper understanding of Korea and the Korean language
  • • Program specifics are subject to change depending on the organiser's circumstances. Please check the website of the Korean Education Centre for further details.