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Key Programs

In accordance with Article 29 of the "Act on Educational Support, Etc. for Korean Nationals Residing Abroad" the Korean Education Centre in Sydney ① provides Korean education ② supports the educational activities of Korean schools in Australia ③ provides consultation and guidance for Korean students studying abroad ④ supports activities to recruit international students to Korea ⑤ collects and reports international education information, and ⑥ Supporting other overseas educational activities. Program details are as below:
Korean education at Australian schools
  • Korean study tour for Australian primary and secondary school principals (including education leaders)
  • Korean Cultural Performance Contest
  • Korean Plant a School Program (funding for Australian schools newly offering a Korean course to employ Korean teachers)
  • Financial support for Australian schools offering Korean to purchase Korean teaching material, oraganise Korean Day events, develop student exchange, etc.
  • Supporting Korean teachers' associations in Australia (local organisations of Korean language teachers)
  • Supporting the development of Korean teaching and learning material
  • Award for Korean language learners of excellence
Korean language courses and TOPIK administration
  • Korean courses for adults offered within the Korean Education Centre in Sydney
  • Overall management of the TOPIK test in Australia
  • Supporting primary and secondary school students learning Korean to visit the Centre
Government and training programs in Korea
  • Supporting the selection of teachers from Korean language schools and regular Australian schools to attend training in Korea
  • Promoting and providing administrative support for various study tour programs in Korea designed for overseas Korean students
International students studying in Korea
  • Guidance for national scholarship applicants and assistance in granting scholarships
  • Providing information on the Korean Government's Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) program
  • Promoting education & assistance programs for foreign nationals offered by the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS)
  • Consulting and supporting Korean student associations in Australian universities
Korean language schools
  • Providing free Korean textbooks designed for overseas Koreans
  • Establishing and operating a Korean education specialist advisory group
  • Collaborative projects with overseas Korean organisatons and the Korean Chamber of Commerce in Australia
  • Supporting Korean and Australian schools to conduct virtual education, build sisterhood relations and develop educational exchange including visitation programs
  • Assisting Korean teachers and education officials to visit Australia
  • Lending Korean education material including traditional musical instruments and costumes (Hanbok)
  • Recommending Koreans in Australia as candidates for veterans' awards in the education field
  • Collecting and reporting on the current issues and major policies of Australian education