Korean courses / TOPIK

Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)

  • The TOPIK test aims to set a right Korean language learning path for overseas Koreans and foreigners and to promote the use of Korean in the international community
  • TOPIK results can be used when applying for Korean university admission as well as for employment purposes
Who can take the test?
  • The primary target is overseas Koreans and foreign nationals who do not speak Korean as their mother tongue, but there is no limit to who may sit for the test
Testing schedule : October every year (*Saturday 12 October 2024 scheduled for Australia)
Type Test period Domain Latest time to arrive at test venue Start time End time Test duration (minutes)
TOPIKⅠ 1st Listening, reading 09:10 09:40 11:20 100
TOPIKⅡ 1st Listening, writing 12:20 12:50 14:40 110
2nd Reading 15:00 15:10 16:20 70
※ The times are Australian local times and applications open in July-August every year (application dates and process are notified yearly)
Test administration
  • (Administrator) Korean Education Centre in Sydney
  • (Testing locations) Australian universities offering a Korean program and Korean language schools throughout Australia are usually selected as test venues (about 15 locations in 6 States). Testing locations are subject to change every year depending on applicant numbers, etc.
Test details
Level : 6 achievement levels (1~6)
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Score range 80 or higher 140 or higher 120 or higher 150 or higher 190 or higher 230 or higher
Testing domains breakdown
Type/level Test period Domain Test item type Number of test items Score distribution Total score
TOPIK Ⅰ (Level 1~2) 1st Listening (40min) Multiple choice 30 100 200
Reading (60min) Multiple choice 40 100
TOPIK Ⅱ (Level 3~6) 1st Listening (60min) Multiple choice 50 100 300
Writing (50min) Essay 4 100


Reading (70min) Multiple choice 50 100
Test item types
  • Multiple-choice items (selecting 1 answer out of 4 choices)
  • Written items (writing domain)
    - Sentence completion type (short sentences) : 2 questions
    - Essay type : 2 questions (one intermediate level descriptive essay consisting of 200-300 letters and one advanced level persuasive essay consisting of 600-700 letters)
Practising with previous tests
  • Previous test papers are provided for applicants to download and practise with. Please click below to view the material offered by the Ministry of Education and National Institute for International Education.
    - Download previous test papers
Test result announcement
  • Applicants can view their results on the TOPIK website.
  • Test score reports can be printed from the TOPIK website for free.
    ※ From 2019 test score reports will not be sent to applicants.
Validity of test scores : TOPIK test scores remain valid for 2 years from the day the scores are published.
Please visit the website for details.