Learning Korean at schools

Learning Korean in Australian Schools

Schools offering Korean as a foreign language
More than 8,500 students in 67 primary and secondary schools across Australia are learning Korean
The majority of these programs are part of the school's regular curriculum (foreign language education). Two schools(*) run after-school Korean language programs
Major projects
Funded by the Ministry of Education, the Centre is implementing various programs to promote Korean language education in Australian schools.

  • Korean study tour for Australian principals and education leaders
  • A 10-day study tour to Korea organised every April for around 20 Australian primary and secondary school principals, deputy principals and education officials

  • Korean Cultural Performance Contest
  • A culture contest held every September where students learning Korean in Australian primary and secondary schools compete in two streams of a Korean theme : (1) fine arts and (2) performance arts
  • A new stream of video arts was included in 2018 for participants in rural and remote areas

  • Korean Plant a School Program (funding for Australian schools newly offering a Korean course to employ Korean teachers)
  • The Korean Education Centre in Sydney signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the NSW Department of Education or individual schools newly offering a Korean course to provide funding for 2-3 years to assist in employing Korean teachers, etc.

  • Financial support for Australian schools offering Korean
  • Based on a survey of Australian schools offering Korean courses conducted every September-October, the Centre offers funding assistance for schools to purchase Korean teaching material, hold Korean Day events, etc.

  • Supporting Korean teachers' associations in Australia
  • The Centre holds regular meetings with associations of Korean teachers in Australian schools to discuss ways to further develop and extend Korean education in primary and secondary schools

  • Supporting the development of Korean teaching and learning material
  • In order to constantly improve Korean education and align it with new changes in the Australian curriculum, the Centre financially supports the development of Korean teaching and learning material

  • Award for Korean language learners of excellence
  • The Centre provides awards, scholarships and prizes for excellent Korean language learners as a way of providing motivation for further learning and increasing the availability of Korean education in Australian schools