Learning Korean at schools

Korean Hana Centre

  • The Centre provides venue for Korean immersion learning. The Korean word 'hana' in the Centre's name means 'to become one in harmony'
  • The Centre was established to provide students with stimulating experiences to identify new language abilities, express themselves through the language, enhance communication skills and deepen their understanding of cultural diversity
Who can study
  • The Centre offers Korean language and cultural experience opportunities to all primary and secondary students in NSW
The Centre's program
  • Students engage in a 4 hour (10am~2pm) Korean language immersion study experience
  • All learning activities are delivered in Korean
  • The program is customised to suit each school's needs (examples of learning activities:)
  • Trying on the traditional Korean costume "Hanbok" : Deep bowing, fashion parade, etc.
  • Play-based activities : Game of Yut, Jegichagi (shuttlecock game), Gonggi (marbles), Tuho (throwing sticks in a barrel), Ttakji (slap-match game), Talchum (masked dance), word twister/hunter game, quiz grand prix, etc.
  • Craft activities : Book-making using traditional Korean paper, masks, fans, bags/t-shirts with Korean letter patterns
  • Program details can be decided through discussion with the participating school's teacher
  • The Centre is located within the NSW School of Languages (NSL)
  • NSL address : 35 West Street Petersham NSW 2049
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