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TOPIK Scholarship Program

Program: Invitational Scholarship for TOPIK Achievers
Objective To provide those who have taken the TOPIK test with intensive Korean language education so as to facilitate Korean language access and help recruit foreign students to Korean universities
Host Ministry of Education, National Institute for International Education
Program administration Consigned to Korean universities
Eligibility Must have acquired TOPIK results within 2 years at the time of application
- Priority given to undergraduate students who use their TOPIK scores to achieve university credits or the qualifying exam for Bachelor's program graduation
Duration Minimum 3 months
Selection Twice a year, once each in the first and second half of the year
Benefits Round-trip air fare, Korean language course voucher (3 months or longer), university dormitory voucher, living allowance (including meals), traveler's insurance, etc.
Program Korean language learning for minimum 3 months in a designated Korean university
  • The program is subject to change depending on the organiser's circumstances. Please check the website of the Korean Education Centre for further details.