Visit Korea programs

High school students

Program : Korean Government Invitation Program for High School Students from Partner Countries
Purpose To offer students with an opportunity to visit and stay in Korea and engage in educational exchange, with aim to enhance global recognition of Korea and recruit international students to study in Korea
Host Ministry of Education (MOE), National Institute for International Education (NIIED)
Program administration Program administration is consigned to Korean 4-year universities
Participants High school students enrolled in a school that offers a Korean language program
  • Since the program is delivered in English, those who have little command of spoken English cannot be considered for the program
  • Students with a high level of Korean proficiency will be given priority
Period About 10 days
Expenses All expenses including round-trip airfare, accommodation and traveler's insurance will be fully covered
Program Special lectures on Korean history, culture and economy, visit to Korean universities, tours around cultural heritage sites and major industry facilities, home stay, etc.
  • The program is subject to change depending on the organiser's circumstances. Please check the website of the Korean Education Centre for further details.