Visit Korea programs

Korean language school teachers

Program : Invitation training in Korea for Korean language school teachers and principals/directors
  • To enhance the capacity of teachers and principals/directors of Korean language schools
  • To facilitate exchange and networking between Korean language schools
Host Overseas Koreans Foundation (OKF)
Participants articipants are divided into two groups: (1) Korean language school principals/directors and (2) teachers
Period About 5 days for principals/directors; about 8 days for teachers
Expenses 50% of round-trip airfare and all expenses during the participants' stay in Korea are covered
Program The program is delivered in two separate groups: the two groups are joined in some sessions
  • (Principals/directors) Understanding how to support Korean schools; managing teachers and their stress; school and class management methodology; school records management; meeting with the OKF Chief Director; Korean history and culture experience
  • (Teachers) Modern Korean pedagogy; Korean teaching placement experience; special lectures and syllabus designing on Korean history and culture; meeting with the OKF Chief Director; joint program with participating principals/directors
  • The program is subject to change depending on the organiser's circumstances. Please check the website of the Korean Education Centre for further details.