Sydney University language course the high achievers awarding ceremony.

The award ceremony for the high achievers in a foreign language was held at the MacLaurin Hall of the Sydney University on Wednesday 1st May 2019

At the event, the various scholarships were awarded to students with the high achievers in 14 different languages.

Among them, the High Achiever Scholarship in the Korean Language has been supported by Korean Education Centre and TOPnews. A total of four people were awarded the scholarship this time.


Ki-Min Kim, a director of the Korean Education Centre in Sydney,has congratulated the high achievers, their parents, and professors.


The list of winners are as follows.

1. Korean Consulate Prize : Nonlapan Sangsrichan / Cameron Shir-King

2. Korean Consulate Prize(Sponsored by TOP MEDIA) : Snha Karri / Bingjie Liu